Joint Operational Programme Romania - Ukraine - Republic of Moldova 2007 - 2013

Common borders.Common solutions.

Bucovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction


Bucovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-profit organization which was founded Chernivtsi Chernivtsi Regional Council and the Regional Organization "Knowledge" in 1999. Bucovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction operates throughout the Chernivtsi region. Bucovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction is a member of the Ukraine National Association of Regional Development Agencies.


The main objectives of the Center consist in promoting economic, social, ecological and cultural development of Chernivtsi Region, improving activities of the local government, forming foundations of civil society, involving all society groups in active participation in social and economic activities, elaborating and implementing programmes of regional development, integrating in European and World Community.


  • elaborating and implementing development programmes, projects, business plans in all spheres of life in Chernivtsi Region;
  • realizing   informational   and   consulting   support  of the   regional   government bodies, enterprises, institutions and individuals;
  • granting guidance and consulting aid in the formation and development of local government bodies;
  • promoting business and public activity of people in the regions by organizing conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, other cultural, scientific and educational measures;d
  • developing interregional and international contacts of the region providing effective realization of social and economic potential the region;
  • supporting initiatives of individuals, public organizations, enterprises and institutions targeted to improve social, economic, ecological and cultural situation in Chernivtsi Region;
  • organizing training and retraining courses for executive personnel to provide their efficient performance in new social and economic environment;
  • improving regional infrastructure through the use of tools of cross-border cooperation;
  • facilitate the effective conduct of reforming agrarian relations in the region through the development of a network of local cooperatives;
  • measures aimed at social and economic development of communities through involvement Collaboration local governments, community organizations and businesses;
  • implementation of publishing.


  • development and implementation of programs, projects and business plans for cross-border cooperation in all spheres of life Chernivtsi region;
  • legal, information and consultation to ensure local authorities, enterprises, institutions, organizations and individuals;
  • providing guidance and advisory assistance in the development of local government;
  • conferences, seminars, exhibitions, mass cultural, scientific and educational activities to improve business and civic activism in the region;
  • the development of interregional and international relations for a more complete and efficient use of the potential of the region;
  • conducting training and retraining their efficient functioning of the current socio-economic conditions.


At the end of 2013 Bucovinian Center for Reconstruction and Development became a designer and Lead Partner in two projects, developer and Partner in three projects of Joint Operational Program “Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova 2007-2013”.