Joint Operational Programme Romania - Ukraine - Republic of Moldova 2007 - 2013

Common borders.Common solutions.

Project activities

Description of project activities


Tasks and Activities

Implementing body

Outcomes and results


Project management and coordination

To ensure sound coordination and management of project implementation.

To ensure that the project will achieve the expected results and objectives, while complying with the contract provisions and the requirements of the programme.

To provide the environment for a smooth development of the project. To monitor the implementation of the activities and to maintain a good communication between partner and Contracting Authority .


Leader: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava (CCI SV)




Overall monitoring and project management

The aim of this activity will be to ensure the coordination and management of technical and financial activities of the project. The Applicant and its partners will create a Joint Project Steering Committee and will have regular meetings in order to monitor and report the project implementation. The main activities of Joint Project Steering Committee (JPSC) will be, as follows: 

- approve intermediary evaluation reports on project implementation;

- approve interim report and the requests for payments before submission;

- approve the final technical and financial report;

- ensure the activities are carried out in accordance with the project’s work plan;

- ensure an efficient and effective consortium management.

- monitor and control the technical and financial aspects of the project looking for deviations and trends to find them in an early stage;

- to keep a close communication with the stakeholders of project progress.

- develop a risk management plan and a risk response plan.

Each partner will have at least one representative within the JPSC. Also the project partners will actively encourage the participation to the Joint Project Steering Committee of one representative from the stakeholders and one representative from the envisaged target groups. Therefore the project team will operate following the principles of transparency, good governance and efficient partnerships that would be signed during the projects implementation in order to achieve greater cross-border effect of the action. During this activity will be established the project team.



Leader: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava (CCI SV)



Bukovinian Centre for Development and Reconstruction (BCDR) –P1


State University “Alecu Russo” from Balti (AR) – P2


Association for Economic and Regional Development (AERD) – P3


 1 kick off meeting

 5 PT meeting

 6 minutes signed


Reporting process

The aim of this activity is to ensure a proper reporting process. All the partners will provide all the technical and financial information on project implementation and supporting documents and the Applicant will coordinate and centralize all the data. All partners will make sure that reports are submitted according to the schedule

Leader: CCI SV




AR – P2


5 intermediary reports

1 final report


Well developed technical and financial project report provided according to the project plan



Organising public acquisition

The complexity of the action Joint Business Support Centre – Instrument for fostering development of entrepreneurship in Ro-Ua-Md cross-border area impose the purchasing of IT equipment, furniture for offices and training rooms, different services that are necessary for a good implementation of the project and for offering a adequate space for target group for their professional development and a proper promotion of their activities.

 The applicant and partners P1 and P2, will coordinate their own  procurement procedures respecting the rules mentioned in Annex IV, for the acquisition.



Leader: CCI SV




AR – P2


Good organisation of the auctions that assures a good implementation of the project; tender documents well conceived


Evaluation and Quality control

The evaluation and quality control is compulsory in order to ensure a sound implementation of the project. There will be a evaluation and monitoring procedure elaborated in order to relieve the communication between partners and contracting authority and the technical implementation of the project.

This activity will be coordinated by the Applicant and supported by its partners. The partners from UA and MD will assure the audit of their part of the project.

Leader: CCI SV




AR – P2


 1 evaluation and monitoring procedure

 2 evaluation and monitoring reports


 A sound managed joint project reaching the objectives, without any conflicts between the partners, without irregularities and with smooth reporting to the programme.