Joint Operational Programme Romania - Ukraine - Republic of Moldova 2007 - 2013

Common borders.Common solutions.


What do we intend through this project


- We intend to sustain the development of the business relations between the SMEs in the 3 regions in the project.

- We intend to involve the Local Public Authorities, the representatives of the Territorial Governments and the NGOs in the actions of the project in order to ensure a favorable climate for the business development in the cross-border area, by closing public-private partnerships.

- Development of existing SMEs, because they are the key of the growth of regional economical competitiveness.

How do we reach our goal


By implementing during the 22 months of the project, 2 innovative solutions that will help the development the SMEs in the cross-border region:

a) An on-line platform of the project that will offer:
- e-learning function;
- data bases with the firms in the cross-border area, on activity fields;
- on-line consultancy for SMEs

b) The most modern business center in Suceava - Jo.B.S Centre, that will offer space to organize trainings, economical events, administrative offices and promotion of firms by own stands within the center.


Which are the expected results


- 300 firms, from the 3 regions, included in the project activities
- 330 managers and employees will participate to free courses
- 3 regional studies regarding the real need of trainings within the companies
- 3 local workshops where the training packages will be establishes
- 6 training packages / region that will be created and delivered to the highest level
- 3 international economical forums to ensure the exchange of good practice between the SMEs in the cross-border area
- 1 on-line platform of the project
- 1 Comune Center to sustain business development – Jo.B.S. Centre – created within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava

Project team


Beneficiary – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Suceava


Lucian Gheorghiu – Project Manager
Carmen Fediuc – Coordinator Project Activities
Dionisie Marcan – Financial Responsible
Ionuț Tomăscu – Assistant Manage
Marius Moldovan – Responsible IT & Graphic & Design

Partner 1 – Bucovina Center for Development and Reconstruction, Chernivtsi


Yaroslav Kyrpushko – Project Coordinator
Yulian Andriesh – Project Assistant Coordinator
Antonina Hoshovska – Financial Responsible
Evgenia Koronchuk – Secretary
Vasyl Bezruchak – Expert Public Acquisitions

Partner 2 – State University Alecu Russo from Balti


Valentina Prițcan – Project Coordinator
Daniela Pojar – Project Assistant Coordinator
Ana Bejenari – Financial Responsible
Diana Strătuță – Expert Public Acquisitions

Partner 3 – Association for Economical and Regional Development, Suceava


Mihai Popescu – Headquarters Coordinator
Ancuța Cotoară – Secretariat Assistant

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